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Residential Steel Siding

Steel Siding

Residential Steel siding is better when it comes to durability and insulation. Steel siding can take more impact and treatment than aluminum, and you will not have to worry so much about denting. Steel siding can offer pretty good insulation properties as well.

The R-Value for steel siding is less than wood, but greater than brick. Steel siding can also be foam-backed for better insulation, which then surpasses wood and is second only to stone siding.

Steel also benefits from being waterproof, insect-proof, and resistant to fire. Most metal siding is rated as noncombustible, which means that in fire safety testing, it was shown not to ignite and spread fires. In fact, metal is arguably one of the best materials to put on your home to reduce fire damage.

We have over 30 years of experience in installing all types of siding.

Using Trusted EDCO Products

We are proud to use the finest EDCO products for your home’s siding. EDCO is the largest manufacturer of residential steel roofs and siding, and one of the oldest running steel and metal companies in the USA.

Steel siding from EDCO provides a natural, elegant style to your home or business that will last a lifetime. Whether you choose:

  • traditional lap
  • dutchlap
  • vertical
  • shake or a combination of these products

You have endless design opportunities that provides distinctive style and lasting quality to your home or business.

When you have EDCO products installed on your home, you are getting a stable product that is made to last a lifetime. You can trust us to honor any manufacturer’s warranty provided by EDCO.

Our Suppliers

  • ProVia Door Company
  • James Hardie Cement Siding
  • Mastic Home Exteriors
  • IKO
  • EverGuard EPDM